The MA TESOL Practicum is a two-part program that enables students to gain real experience as a teacher:

The first part of the program is a 4-week fieldwork assignment, which includes classroom observation with a participating school or educational organization. The last two weeks of fieldwork will involve students creating and teaching lesson plans (either individually or in a team-teach format) that incorporate theories and teaching methodologies learned over the course of your degree program and independent research. In addition to the fieldwork portion of the course, students will also be meeting at the university or through live chat to discuss their experiences with their classmates as well as the instructor.

The second part of the program requires students to write an extensive reflection and critical analysis paper of the different teaching techniques observed in the classroom. The paper shall include what students learned, what could be improved upon, and what elements should be incorporated to produce an alternative learning experience.

Alternatively, students may complete the practicum by preparing a research thesis approved by a faculty advisor. Thesis students will have weekly discussions with their faculty advisor during the time the other students are completing their fieldwork.

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